• Fishmonger

    This website required custom photography, as well as a slightly different way to display the menu. I had fun with the textures and parallax effect on this project.


      HTML, CSS/SASS, jQuery

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  • 26 Sunset Villa

    Custom video and photography were used on this site to create an immersive experience highlighting the beauty of the property. I particularly enjoyed creating the gallery section of the site.


      HTML, CSS/SASS, jQuery

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  • Maks and Blaze

    Customisation of a masonry layout plugin was used to create the homepage's unique layout. A chat window was also integrated to enhance customer engagement.


      Modx, HTML, CSS/SASS, jQuery, PHP

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  • Maks and Blaze Trend Setter

    A social tool used to gather data on trends within the fashion market. Although this project was very challenging, it was also very rewarding.


      Modx, HTML, CSS/SASS, jQuery, PHP

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  • Bubble Bounce

    A 2D physics plugin was used to get the interactivity on the homepage banner.


      HTML, CSS/SASS, jQuery

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  • Mimmos

    This website made extensive use of the ModX CMS to allow not only client updating of most pages but also a client updateable franchisee portal allowing for communication between head office and branches. Tools like a voucher redemption system were also included.


      Modx, HTML, CSS/SASS, jQuery, PHP

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I am a web and digital designer with over 13 years of experience and a diploma in media design and technology.

I have a deep and passionate knowledge of design principles, web design, and efficiency and effectiveness of code. I use Adobe Creative suite, HTML, CSS/SASS, and other design programs on a daily basis and am able to liaise with clients and meet the brief.

Curiculum Vitae

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Work History

  • Jetweb

    Head of Design

    At Jetweb, I was responsible for more of a management role, managing a team of 6 developers, while doing some advanced development where necessary. This included taking briefs directly from clients, generating quotes and invoices, as well as the daily management of the development team, and reporting directly to the MD.

  • Decimal Agency

    Head of Digital

    At Decimal Agency I was responsible for overseeing and executing digital campaigns, websites, and digital projects. This included - among other things – liaising directly with clients, managing the department, full-stack web development, and IT support.

  • Topboss Group

    Web Designer

    While at Topboss Group I was responsible for the design, layout, markup, styling, and coding of casino affiliate websites, as well as the occasional corporate branding and corporate web project.

  • Menzies Media

    Web Design Intern

    While at Menzies Media, I learnt more modern techniques of web design, and adopted a lot of my current work-flow. While at Menzies Media, I was responsible for some small web projects and branding jobs.

  • Originblu Communications

    Multimedia Designer

    While at Originblu Communications, my main responsibilities were the daily updating and maintenance of several websites for some of Africa's biggest game lodges. I was also responsible for the design, markup, and styling of websites, as well as design of marketing materials for the travel industry

  • The Boom Boom Boys

    Multimedia Designer

    At The Boom Boom Boys, I was responsible for a multitude of design tasks including print design for large-scale publishing, production design for TV and Film, Flash websites, and corporate Identities.

  • Sketch New Media

    Multimedia Designer

    While at Sketch I was tasked with a range of design work including print, web, branding, and 3D animation and production.

  • 30° South Publishers

    Layout Artist/Print Designer

    My main responsibilities at 30° South were the weekly updating and maintenance of the website, layout and preparation of books for publishing, and the generation and editing of graphics and photos for books.


    Front-end design / development

  • HTML5
  • SASS
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Emmet

    CMS Experience

  • ModX
  • WordPress
  • Joomla!


  • Website Design
  • Website Optimisation
  • Branding / Corporate Identities
  • Adobe CS
  • Print Design
  • Image Editing
  • Vector Illustration
  • 3D Production and Animation (3ds Max)


  • Microsoft Office
  • Able to work on Mac or PC

    Currently Learning

  • WebGL
  • PHP
  • Canvas


  • Diploma in Multimedia Design and Technology